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Have you been into a situation where you wanted to play a Sport, but were not able to do so because of different problems like finding the right venue or unable to find opponents or getting the equipments to play that Sport? We also hear people complaining about how playing a sport with the same opponent makes the game boring and monotonous. Do you want to monitor your improvements and analyse your performance?

Are you a Corporate, who is worried about organizing the best sports tournaments, running events or team outings, which engages all your employees with some sort of team building activities?

Are you a Brand looking to promote yourself to the right target audience and interact with them one to one at reasonable cost?

With Sportzify, a Sports or Fitness enthusiast just have to make their mind about which activity they want to play and we take care of all the hassles to provide you with the Sporting Experience. As a corporate, you reach out to us for your Corporate Activities and we take care of all your requirements, with best experience possible. And as a Brand, you have to be only sure about your customer requirements and we do the targeting and marketing to your customer segment.

Sportzify provides you with a platform to be a part of the ‘Nextgen Sporting Experience’. You get Sports, Fitness, Fun & Entertainment with almost zero effort of planning, execution or worrying about any other requirement to be a part of any Sport. Sports that we execute are Cricket, Badminton, Football, Throwball, Volleyball,Table Tennis and any Running & Fitness events.

No Venue Booking → No need to Search for Opponents → Get Detailed Performance Analysis
It’s a 3 Step Process.
Register → Play → Analyze your Performance

Sportzify has a vision to bring Sports & Fitness into the culture of each and every Corporate. We want to help them understand the impact that it can bring about, around the team outings and Sports Activities, when it is organised keeping every employee in mind. Sportzify provides with an end to end Solution for Corporates for organizing any Sports or Marathon events for their company at any location in India, from managing the Venue to Stage & Sound management to taking care of Permissions for the marathons. In short, Sportzify provides your events, a different perspective through Sports & Fitness Activities

Sports tournaments & Fitness events are a great opportunity for a Brand to use Sportzify as a ‘Marketing & Branding Platform’. We help a brand, connect with their target audience on both online & offline channels. Sportzify provides a great marketing platform for Brands to project themselves in front of their customer segment with highly targeted and customized brand campaigns.


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Sportzify Team

Vikash Singh

Co-Founder, CEO & Marketing Head

Chetan Agrawal

Co-Founder, Product & Finance Head

Mayank Agarwal

CTO & Co-Founder

Gaurav Sultania

COO & Co-Founder

Sannay Prakash

Head of Operations


Head of Marketing

Prashant Kumar

Operations Executive

Akash Kumar

Software Developer

Harish M

Digital Marketing Executive

Jayanth S K

Graphics & Web designer

Asha P


Keerthi P C