Corporate Cricket Tournament : Clash of 32



NPN-12 is pleased to invite Cricket players to participate in Corporate Cricket Tournament. Tournament is exclusively for corporate players. Event will be held in M S Grounds on 8 th & 9 th of April. So shutdown your laptops for a weekend and play your passion in the play field.



Date & Day : 8th & 9th April | Saturday & Sunday

Time : 08:00 AM

Venue : M S grounds, Sarjapur road, Bangalore

Venue Address :  Sulikunte Chokkasandra Road, Chokkasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560099

Category : 32 Teams (first come first serve)



Entry Fees is Rs. 8800 Per Team.



WINNERS : Cash price: 30000INR


Trophy + T-shirt + Medals+ Gift vouchers


RUNNERS UP : Cash price: 20000INR


Trophy + T-shirt + Medals + Gift vouchers





  • Tournament is restricted to 32 Teams. (first come first serve)

  • Different Company employees can tie up and make a team.

  • Team NAME is Mandatory.

  • Tournament is only for corporate players. ID cards are compulsory or HR letter must be produced on the day of the

  • event.

  • All the matches are played in Wilson 4 Tennis Ball.

  • Players should bring their own essentials.

  • Players should report to court before 15 minutes of match.

  • Late arrival of players leads to automatic walkover for the opponent.

  • Referee decision is final.

  • Organizing committee has all the authority to disqualify team/player if they are not obliging to rules of tournament.

  • Registration to tournament done by online mode only.

  • Spot registration includes extra charges.

  • All the players are provided with lunch and refreshments.



  • The minimum number of players required to register a team is12 players. The maximum number of players in a squad allowed for team is 15 players.

  • Matches will consist of one innings per side with each innings being limited to 8 overs per side excluding extras.

  • No bowler is permitted to bowl more than 2 overs in an innings.

  • This is not inclusive of the super over in the case of a tie.

  • In the event that the match is played where the overs are reduced, a bowler shall not bowl more than one-fifth of the total overs allowed.


The duties of the captain are outlined below :

  • Ensure that all team members have desired outfit / uniform

  • Attend all official events as required

  • Ensure that the team arrives at the match on time

  • Fills out and hands a copy of the team sheet to the umpire and opposing captain and notifies Management of any players that are playing

  • Toss the coin.

  • Hands the game ball to umpires at the conclusion of the match.

  • Has a copy of the scorecard and designates the responsibility of scoring to a player if there is no official scorer and ensures it is filled out accurately.

  • Ensure that the team and all players play within the Spirit ofCricket and adhere to the rules and regulations outlined

  • Approach the umpire for any clarification.

  • Ensure that the team maintains over-rates.

  • Collects and submits the score.



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