Kurinjal Trek



Kurinjal Trek is one of popular hiking trails located in the Kudremukh National Park in Chikmagalur district, Karnataka, India. The Beautiful valley of the region has several wild animals, tall trees and varied landscapes covered with green vegetation. Start from Bangalore – reach Balgal –– fresh-up and breakfast at Balgal (arrangement has been made.) – Go to the starting point of the trek -  Start the trek – reach top – have packed lunch – back to homestay – camp fire.

Next day – start from homestay - Somvati River Waterfall– back to Bangalore



Date & Day : 11th - 12th March

Time :06:45 PM

Venue :Bangalore.



Entry Fees is  just Rs  Rs.2999/-





Day 0 :


  • Leave from Bangalore late evening. We request you to have some light food before traveling. This trip would be an overnight journey to Balgal in which we would have an informal introduction and have fun.


Day 1:


  • The nearest town to homestay is Kalasa, we will be passing through Hassan road to Belur to Kasala town and from there to Balgal. Balgal is a small place at the base of Mullodi Hills.

  • There is an arrangement made for freshening up and breakfast at the Balgal. From which we will start our journey into the Kudremukh Forest reserve and then to the base of Kurinjal.

  • The Road to the base of Kurinjal gives a scenic glimpse of the forest reserve.

  • After Fresh-up and Breakfast we would embark on our journey to Kurinjal peak.

  • The Trail is covered with dense tall trees give you a perfect shade on a sunny day, The Forest has several wild animals likes langurs, monkey and many which often makes a sound in jungles making you aware of the wild forest on your side.

  • The track straight lead you to the base of the huge black rock on the top of the mountain. There is only one water source in the middle of the path, close to the peak.

  • The Last steps of the trek are bit tricky and challenging as the path is little steep.

  • The panoramic view from the peak in indescribable, the green vegetation of the forest surrounding looks like a grape bunch.  

  • After spending some quality time at the peak, we would start descending through the same path to homestay for a much-awaited Campfire and hot dinner. The homestay (mMullodi hills) provides both veg and non-veg food for dinner.

  • You could also take a bath, if you want as hot water is available at a homestay.

Next Day :


  • Next day after breakfast we would spend the early morning time at the Somavati River waterfall beside the home stay. Spend some quality time and then back to Bangalore.

  • 11 am – 10.30 pm - Return Journey to Bangalore.


Highlights :


  • To and fro journey

  • Accommodation

  • Two breakfasts (Saturday, Sunday)

  • One lunch (Saturday)

  • One dinner (Saturday)

  • Campfire

  • Guide

  • Jeep ride

  • Forest permit

  • Snack/Power packs for trek

  • Lots and lots of FUN.


Things To Carry :


  • Two litres of water bottles

  • Rain coat (if in case it rains)

  • A torch

  • A cap




  • Cargo/track pants -2

  • T-shirt -2

  • Shoes, Socks

  • Personal medication kit

  • Soap

  • Toothpaste

  • Toothbrush

  • Sunscreen

  • Rain Coat/Poncho.




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