11 a side Tennis Ball Tournament

3rd, 4th & 10th September


  1. Mixed Corporate / Inter Corporate Tournament will be played in T- 10 format. {Note: Mixed /Inter Corporate Players shall be including but not limited to players employed in Companies, Government Organizations, Partnership Firms, Professional Associations/ societies meant for engineers, retailers etc. (Explanation: Players who are not employed in any organization shall not be able to participate in the tournament. Id cards, visiting cards or any other proof of employment is mandatory and shall be carried by the participating teams for verification at all times.)

  2. Number of participating teams being 16

  3. These teams have been divided into 4 groups, each comprising 4 teams.

  4. Each team will play 3 league matches in the League Stage.  

  5. The top team from each group shall play the knock out rounds comprising semi-finals and finals.

  6. Power Play is an interesting feature of the tournament.

  7. There shall be 2 Power Plays in an innings

    1. 1st Mandatory Power Play of Two (2) overs will be the initial 2 overs of the Innings.

    2. 2nd Power Play of One (1) over shall be availed by the batting team anytime during 7th to 10th over of the innings. Note: The 2ndPower Play can be availed only during the beginning of the over.


  1. The 10 overs should be bowled within 45 minutes from the commencement of the bowling.

  2. Each bowler is permitted to bowl a maximum of 2 overs per match.

  3. Fielding restrictions shall apply throughout the 10 overs. Only 2 fielders will be allowed to field outside the 30-yard circle for the first 2 overs. A minimum of 4 fielders have to be inside the 30-yard circle for the rest of the innings except for the 2nd Power Play (One over between 7th to 10th over) during which 3 fielders may filed outside the 30-yard circle. 

  4. Each team will have a total of 10 overs and 45 minutes to complete the innings. If a team is unable to complete the innings in the stipulated time, the following rule shall be followed:

E.g.- If Team A has bowled only 8 overs in 45 minutes, the team B runs for the remaining 2 overs will be calculated on an average basis. Team A will have to score the total number of runs in 8 overs only.


  1. Dress Code: Team Uniform - Whites /Colors {Note: Entire team should wear uniform (whites /Colors) compulsorily. In the event of any team member not wearing whites /Colors, it is discretionary power of the organizers to allow the player, who is not wearing the Uniform, to play in the tournament subject to the complaint from the Opponent team).

  2. Each team should have 15-membersquad.

  3. Matches will be played in Vicky / equivalent quality tennis ball.

  4. All participating teams should report to the ground 30 minutes prior to the commencement of a match.

  5. If any team arrives after the official starting time of their match, the match would be treated as forfeited and the other team shall get a walkover.

  6. Identity cards should be produced as and when required and a photocopy should be submitted along with the entry.

  7. Captain should submit the playing 11 plus 2 names of substitute team members to the umpires 15 minutes before scheduled time of a match. No changes will be permitted after the scheduled timing of the match. In the event of changes made after the commencement of the match without bringing the same to the knowledge of the officials, (officials mean and include the umpires) such team shall be immediately barred from further participation in the tournament. It is pertinent to inform that in any case if it is brought to the knowledge of the officials, during or after the completion of the tournament, that any team has indulged in any of the activities which are illegal, against spirit of game and if there is sufficient evidence to prove that the alleged team is involved in the illegal activities, such teams shall be disqualified from the Tournament.

  8. All players should strictly abide by umpire’s decision.  Umpires decision shall be final.

  9. Every team has to carry its own playing Kit

  10. Balls for all matches will be provided by the organizers.

  11. Request for postponement and/or shifting of matches shall not be entertained.

  12. The match umpire/officials shall decide awards for the 'Man of the Match'. Their decision shall be considered final and binding.


  1. Every win -2 points.

  2. Every Loss – No points

  3. Tie/no result -1 Point for both the teams and Net Run Rate awarded to both the teams would be 0.00.

  4. In case of rain interruption or bad light for the team batting second than first 4 0vers of both teams will come into play to decide the winner.

  5. During the league and Knock Out stages in the event of “no result” and also in case of a match ending in a tie, the result of the match will be decided by SUPER OVER. In case of a situation where of SUPER OVER does not reach to a conclusion, then the matches are decided by the SPIN of COIN.                    



  1. The team batting 2nd in the match will bat 1st.

  2. Each team will nominate three batsmen and one bowler.

  3. The bowler will bowl one over and the side batting 1st will score as many runs as possible.

  4. In the event of opening batsmen getting out within the over than the batsman no 3 will get to bat.

  5. if the 2nd wicket also falls before the over is completed then the team is declared all out

  6. The other team then bats in the same manner and the team that takes the lead wins.

  7. In the event of the teams having the same score after super over (tied) has been completed, the team that hit the most number of sixes combined from its two innings in both the main match and the super over shall be the winner.

  8. If the number sixes hit by both teams is equal, the team that hit the most number of fours in its two innings (main innings + super over) will be the match winner.

RAIN- In case a match is delayed owing to bad weather or other unavoidable circumstances; it would be left to the discretion of the umpires officiating and organizers of the match to decide.


A free hit shall be awarded to the batsman for any no ball bowled; A Free hit shall be allowed only to the ball bowled subsequent to the No Ball. It is important to state that, the batsman shall not be given out for a Free Hit ball except for run out or stumping. During the Free Hit all the fielders shall remain in the same position unless the batsman on strike takes run.


  1. In the event of two or more teams having the same number of points in the league phase, the Quotient Rule will be applied to decide the teams that advance to the next round. The quotient will take into consideration the net run rate of each of the teams. The team with the better net run rate will go through to the next round. In case any team is all out before the stipulated quota of overs, the full quota of overs would be taken into consideration for calculating the net run rate.

  2. Each match would be adjudicated by 2 umpires and a scorer. The decision of the umpires would be final and binding on both the teams.   

  3. United Cricketers shall not be responsible for any loss of life, or injury to players in course of the match/tournament.

  4. Organizers are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings of the participants. We request each participant teams to take care of their safety and personal belongings. 

  5. All players of the playing teams would have to show identification proof if asked for by the organizers of the tournament.

  6. Any team found with a player who is not an employee of that company shall be disqualified and henceforth be exiled from the tournament with immediate effect and in such an event the entry fee shall be forfeited.

  7. All teams are supposed to sign an undertaking accepting the Terms and Conditions of the Tournament, which shall be circulated in due course of time.

  8. Any disputes/complaints by a team will have to be formally reported with the match umpire immediately upon completion of the match. Moreover the complaining team's captain shall need to be specific about his complaint and both the captains should cooperate with a detailed scrutiny of both team


  1. Cash Prize of Rs. 30000 and Trophy for the winners

  2. Cash Prize of Rs.12500 and Trophy for runners up.  

  3. Man of the Series: Award + Memento

  4. Best Bowler: Award + Memento

  5. Best Batsman: Award + Memento

  6. Man of the match: Memento for all the matches


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